19 octubre 2022

Special Needs Children

Course Methodology

The course content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules by several tutors. It is based on practical demonstrations, hands-on approach and active participation within a group which is composed of international participants with similar interests and needs.


  • Module 01 – Special needs: theoretical background (physical disorders, psychiatric disorders, emotional problems, behavioural problems, learning disorders (or disabilities, gifted and talented children)
  • Module 02 – Integration and inclusion, exclusion, mainstreaming, identification risks, factors and barriers
  • Module 03 – Communication and cooperation with parents and family, examples of the best practices
  • Module 04 – Information easy to read and understand
  • Module 05 – Structural learning for students with autism, Individual Education plan
  • Module 06 – Dealing with Dyslexia and ADHD in an Inclusive classroom,
  • Module 07 - Drama and Art activities for cognitive learning
  • Module 08 – Activities for gifted and talented children
  • Module 09 - Developing creative thinking, (Task Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Experiential Learning, Real World Task)
  • Module 10 – Teaching multicultural classes (mutual understanding and respect)
  • Module 11 – Use of ICT, Project Based learning and cross curricular activity in an inclusive classroom