19 octubre 2022

Early School Leaving

 Course Methodology

The course is based on “learning by doing” training through various collaborative and reflective activities.
The content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules by several tutors.
You will share your experiences and ideas on ESL within an international group setting and learn to build
an effective, collaborative learning environment for any subject or level.


  • Module 01 – Practices, approaches and school strategies across Europe
  • Module 02 – Identification and coping with students at risk
  • Module 03 – Communication strategies for conflict prevention
  • Module 04 – Innovative teaching methods: Task Based Learning, Peer Education, Creative Thinking
  • Module 05 – Collaborative teaching methods: Cross Curricular Projects, Project Based Learning,
    Active and Cooperative teaching
  • Module 06 – Student assessment
  • Module 07 – Mindfulness, emotional and social learning
  • Module 08 – Multiculturalism and learners from different socioeconomic background
  • Module 09 – Effective use of ICT
  • Module 10 – Project workshop